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Listen unreleased NFT songs from your favorite artists.

Support your music creators and get access to private/unreleased songs.
Listen or collect your favorite artists songs NFTs.

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About Unreleased.

Let your fans listen to private or unreleased musics, offering them a monthly membership in exchange for access to exclusive, unreleased or paid songs.
We use Binance Smart-Chain BEP-721 smart-contracts to allow payments to be automatic, instant, transparent and without fees to artists.
All songs destributed trough us are deployed on the Binance network as an NFT.

Connect your wallet to signup

Connect your browser wallet to login and create your account. Make sure you have web wallets installed prior.

Listen to unreleased songs

Listen to artists unreleased songs, delivered on the blockchain, trough a recurring monthly subscription.

Buy rare and special NFT songs

Collect your artists favorite NFTs songs at their private auctions on Unreleased platform.

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